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Silent Death: The Killing Of Julie Ramage - Karen Kissane

Silent Death: The Killing Of Julie Ramage - Karen Kissane

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Journalist Karen Kissane follows the accused into the courtroom, telling the inside story of one of Australia’s most controversial trials and the marriage at its centre. A compelling combination of great writing, true crime and courtroom drama.

Julie and Jamie Ramage were the perfect middle-class Australian couple with everything: children at private schools, he a company director and she a financial controller for a fashion house.

But Julie walked out of their seemingly perfect marriage. And then, one day, he killed her.

Beneath the veneer of perfection there had lain a relationship marred by affairs, obsession and a history of violence. Jamie confessed to the killing - but declared that he had been provoked and therefore not guilty of murder as his wife had driven him over the edge.
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