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Sleep - Ian Oswald

Sleep - Ian Oswald

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What is the nature of that mysterious condition, called sleep, in which we pass one third of our lives? What part of the brain controls it? What happens when we give way to it? How much of it do we need? What takes place when we are deprived of it? Are there different kinds of sleep, and is it possible to learn while asleep?

And dreams ... ? Do we dream at all hours? What is the explanation of dreams, and how quickly do we forget them? Do the blind see in their dreams? And what, finally, are the newest findings about hypnosis and inSomnia?

One of the most inexplicable rhythms of life is explained as far as modern research can explain it in this new Pelican by a psychologist who has specialised in the study of sleep.

Cover design by Germano Facetti 

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