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Sniffin' Glue #12

Sniffin' Glue #12

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A bootleg reprint of this 1977 classic.

Correspondents here have noted how prolific some of the fanzine writers were - on the ball and what not - Sniffin' Glue is the classic example - spanning july '76-sept '77 (15 issues, 1-12 .

Sniffin' Glue was a monthly record of the emergent scene - Mark Perry & Co's view true, but undoubtedly astute. Issue #12 has: an appreciation of Chiswick Records with bits on The Count Bishops, Vince Taylor, The 101'ers, The Gorillas, Rocky Sharpe & The Razors, Little Bob Story, The Radio Stars, The Radiators From Space, Skrewdriver, The Rings, Motorhead; a great Jill Furmanovsky shot of Joe Strummer; articles on Generation X and Sham 69; Kris Needs' A Night at the Vortex; vinyl reviews of Motorhead, The Fantells, Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Roogaltor, Trinity, Dillinger, Prince Far I, John Cale, the Count Bishops, and lots of snazzy adverts. Marbled throughout with Danny Baker's witty prose.

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