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Sounding The Sacred Conch - Jerome Canty

Sounding The Sacred Conch - Jerome Canty

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In this revolutionary work, Jerome Canty lifts us from a familiar world to a startling new vision of apocalyptic possibilities. Past, present and future prophecies and the Sacred Calendar of ancient Mexico are revealed in light of the wisdom-tradition of the native American people ... while time, space and the forces of nature are fashioned from a logarithmic spiral masterform.

With clarity, humor and imagination, he creates a new paradigm of reality: A universe, a planet, a civilization and a man; an

"astral-wind" ship constructed to operate within the modal structure of Beethoven's 9th Symphony - all emerge from the wondrous curve of the Sacred Conch.

Canty takes a daring and imaginative step beyond Bentov's

Stalking the Wild Pendulum, and gives us a universal, yet practical vehicle for laying bare the 'great mysteries' of orthodox science, religion and philosophy.

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