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Spree Killers - Rodney Castleden

Spree Killers - Rodney Castleden

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20 April 1999, Columbine High School, Colorado, USA. Lunchtime. Enter Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold armed with shotguns. Pumping bullets into two classmates they left one dead and the other fighting for his life.

They went on the rampage through the school leaving in their wake a trail of bloody death and destruction. In the aftermath, fifteen were dead, including the killers, and twenty-four were seriously injured.

Spree Killers examines the events surrounding the world’s most shocking mass-killings; from the tortured drawn-out deaths of Hiroshima to the postal worker who made one too many deliveries and finally went crazy with a gun.

Ancient Slayings including Viking Berserkers, Neolithic mass killings
Mass Murder by the State including The Spanish Inquisition, The Holocaust, Russian Revolution
Wartime Massacres including The Blitz, My Lai, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Breaking Point Killers including Derrick Bird, Raoul Moat, Appomattox shootings
Also including School Massacres, Workplace Killings, Mission Murders

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