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Stripped Bare - Angel Blake

Stripped Bare - Angel Blake

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Stripped Bare is a collection of short stories with an acute and arousing sense of the sexual perversion that lurks just beneath the everyday.

Whether it's a school-reunion disco - complete with uniforms that get out of hand, or recalcitrant employees who tease their bosses into taking them in hand, Angel Blake's stories show that even the deepest and most perverse sexual cravings are never far away.A policewoman who will do anything to keep her job; a nurse who loves to show it all off; a stewardess who takes revenge on a passenger with no self control.

These are just three of the ten stories that show what happens when the uniforms are stripped away and women's darkest desires exposed.Ten stories that show the perverse pleasures that lie under the surface, from the prim smugness of the cosmetics stand to the adult sleaze of a school-themed disco.

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