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Published in 1993, it's one of the first Melbourne Graffiti magazines. Features many unseen trains and walls by PUZLE - NEW2 - MERDA and more. 

"In your face, first issue of SUB. A mag dedicated to the achievements of writers, what has been and what will become of the graffiti underworld.

Graffiti, an extension of the Hip Hop culture, created in New York and transported internationally, has become the life of a new generation of artists. The extent of this art form, unrecognised by most, due partly to its illegality and partly media ignorance, will continue to grow to the point of unavoidable acceptance.

The dedication an aerosol writer puts into his work and lifestyle which extends from it, shall finally be recognised through our promotion of the sub- culture.

We, being Melbourne based, are showing you the efforts our writers have made in creating and continuing to create so many individual hardcore styles. We feel it is time for their efforts and achievements to be exposed for what they are. We can only extend nationally and internationally with your support. Constant information, photographs, criticism, ideas and anything you wish to express is vital to our survival."

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