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Such A Good Baby - Ruby Jean Jensen

Such A Good Baby - Ruby Jean Jensen

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When Jeremy was born in the mansion called Tanglewood, he was beautiful. Felicia closed her eyes, exhausted by giving birth. After all, she was only 14. And when she woke, her mother would be after her again. Mrs. Stewart wouldn’t believe that Felicia was still a virgin. But it was true . . .

Mrs. Stewart would do anything to prevent scandal. She claimed Jeremy as her own, and forced Felicia to leave the baby to the nurse’s care. Then, the first nurse quit, and the second, and the third. “But why?”, Mrs. Stewart asked. “He never gives any trouble!”
They couldn’t tell her. Felicia knew. It was his way of calling. Not with words—with tiny, icy hands, touching her in the dark. Always in the dark. And when the light went on, no one was there. No one at all.

But that was while Jeremy gathered his strength, before people began to die . . . Jeremy was beautiful . . . he was—Such a Good Baby

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