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Swami: Encounters with Modern Mystics - Doug Boyd

Swami: Encounters with Modern Mystics - Doug Boyd

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Mysterious men with beards who chant and speak of elliptical truths—the popular images of swamis have fascinated us for centuries. But what are they really like? In Swami, Doug Boyd portrays these "masters of self" as he has personally experienced them. Their teachings, astonishing mental powers, and very human personalities are explored with enthusiasm, humor, respect, and penetrating curiosity.

Boyd spent several months as the personal assistant to raja yogi Swami Rama, during a series of psycho-physiological tests at the Menninger Foundation in Kansas. He witnessed Swami Rama's ability to alter his heartbeat and body temperature at will. As Swami Rama’s companion, Boyd gained vital insights into his philosophy and personality as a Himalayan master and benevolent being.

In this book Boyd also talks about his expedition into the rock caves, ashrams, and university labs of India. This pilgrimage results in fascinating portraits of the swamis, babas, and yogis Boyd encountered. The book also provides a heartfelt look at how East and West can better understand each other, and how we can achieve self-mastery and happiness in our lives.

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