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Talks With The Dead - William Addams Welch

Talks With The Dead - William Addams Welch

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"That night I heard my first spirit voice on the tapes. With an exquisite sense of the apropos, it said, 'Hello."

With this experience William Welch began the painstaking but thrilling research which led to the breakthroughs he now shares in this fascinating and richly rewarding book.

His experiments with taped voices present new evidence that man can have intelligible communications with the dead... that, in fact, there is life after death ... and that we are on the threshold of vastly improved both quantitatively and qualitatively contact with other dimensions of reality.

Here, too, are guidelines for duplicating the voice experiments, transcripts of the taped messages, and comments verifying Welch's evidence and concurring with his conclusions from world-famous investigators of psychical phenomena

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