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Terror! The West Fights Back - Christopher Dobson & Ronald Payne

Terror! The West Fights Back - Christopher Dobson & Ronald Payne

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Much has been written about terrorists — but very little is known about the West's elite ANTI-terror squads. Usually their actions are shrouded in secrecy and official denials. But occasionally they spring spectacularly into the spotlight — such as the Israeli action at Entebbe and the SAS's astonishing raid on the Iranian Embassy.

Yet who are the men behind the masks? What is their purpose? How do they train? What weapons do they use? And, ultimately, whom do they serve? Christopher Dobson and Ronald Payne are distinguished observers of terrorism and have an intimate knowledge not just of the SAS but also Israel's Sayaret Matkal, West Germany's GSG9, France's GIGN.

In Terror! The West Fights Back they reveal the international network which makes up the West's counter-terrorist forces. They describe their training methods,,the highly sophisticated computer technology they use and for the first time give the inside story of the fight back against international terror.

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