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The Bible and Flying Saucers - Barry H.Downing

The Bible and Flying Saucers - Barry H.Downing

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The thesis of this book is that the Bible contains stories of beings, angels that come down from the sky, and are sometimes associated with objects in the sky such as the "pillar of cloud by day, and pillar of fire by night," which led the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. This UFO is similar to modern UFOs, which one military pilot described as looking like a Tic Tac, cylindrical, white or cloud like in color, about 40 feet long, rounded on each end, with no visible propulsion system.

It seems likely that the UFOs seen in modern times are related to the same reality that started the biblical religion in both its Old and New Testament forms. Chapter 3 studies the book of Exodus in great detail, explaining how the Exodus UFO (pillar of cloud and fire) apparently used its propulsion system to part the Red Sea. In the New Testament, it is argued that our modern alien/angels were probably the power that raised Jesus from the dead, and carried the risen Jesus to the Damascus Road where the Apostle Paul was converted (Acts 9).

This book has some parallels with Erich Von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods?", but differs from Von Daniken in that it is argued that the aliens are not "gods," as Von Daniken suggests, but rather beings who have a high knowledge of God, and created the Biblical religions, in both their Jewish and Christian form, to move the human race away from idolatry, and toward a more spiritual sense of the divine reality. Chapter V asks, "Where is Heaven?" and explores the possibility that the resurrection stories of Jesus, where he is able to enter locked rooms after his resurrection, suggests that heaven may be "another dimension" in the midst of us.

Modern UFOs are reported to appear and disappear in an instant, suggesting they too may be part of a multi-dimensional reality. Einstein's Theory of Relativity is offered as a clue to understanding some of the strange resurrection stories. This book is an attempt to make sense of biblical stories that suggest the presence of extraterrestrial powers, and to examine modern UFO stories for evidence that biblical angels, and modern aliens, may be the same reality.

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