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The Cases That Haunt Us - John Douglas & Mark Olshaker

The Cases That Haunt Us - John Douglas & Mark Olshaker

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Did Lizzie Borden murder her own father and stepmother? Was Jack the Ripper actually the Duke of Clarence? Who killed JonBenet Ramsey? #1 New York Times bestselling author and legendary FBI criminal profiler John Douglas, along with author and filmmaker Mark Olshaker--the team behind the famous Mindhunter series--explore those tantalizing questions and more in this mesmerizing work of detection.

Violent. Provocative. Shocking. Call them what you will...but don't call them open and shut.

In The Cases That Haunt Us, Douglas and Olshaker explore the mysteries that both their legions of fans and law enforcement professionals ask about most. With uniquely gripping analysis, the authors reexamine and reinterpret the accepted facts, evidence, and victimology of the most notorious murder cases in the history of crime, including the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, The Zodiac Killer, and the Whitechapel murders. The cases touch a nerve deep within us because of the personalities involved, their senseless depravity, the nagging doubts about whether justice was done, or because, in some instances, no suspect has ever been identified or caught.

Taking a fresh and penetrating look at each case, the authors reexamine and reinterpret accepted facts and victimology using modern profiling and the techniques of criminal analysis developed by Douglas within the FBI. The Cases That Haunt Us not only offers convincing and controversial conclusions, it deconstructs the evidence and widely held beliefs surrounding each case and rebuilds them--with fascinating, surprising, and haunting results.

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