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The Dick - Bruce Jay Friedman

The Dick - Bruce Jay Friedman

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The Dick does for American Homicide Bureaux what Catch-22 did for the American Air Force. If assembles a collection of freaks, weirdos, psychopaths, and plain ornery gun-happy licensed killers and pretends this is what being a cop is all about.

The hero, a dreamer who has changed his Jewish name to Le Peters, is himself a fantasist and a cuckold, paid to assemble clippings about murders for the use of city detectives. After seventeen years of merely observing, he decides to fake the examination for promotion to a real dick ... exploding a tour de force of black comic savagery.

Bruce Jay Friedman April 26, 1930 – June 3, 2020) was an American novelist, screenwriter, playwright, and actor. He was noted for his versatility of writing in both literature and pop culture. He was also a trailblazer in the style of modern American black humor. The themes he wrote about reflected the major changes taking place in society during the 1960s and 1970s. Many of his stories were inspired by the events of his personal life.

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