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The Ecyclopedia of Forensic Crime - Brian Lane

The Ecyclopedia of Forensic Crime - Brian Lane

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New advances in technology combined with soaring crime rates have made forensic science an increasingly important factor in crime detection. In this comprehensive study, Brian Lane looks at the different techniques of forensic science and demonstrates how they are used by means of real-life case studies. Most books on forensic science tend to fall into two main categories: either they are textbooks for the scientifically educated and trained, or they are popular compilations for anecdotes and stories, seasoned with scientific information from the textbooks.

This encyclopedia offers something different. It demystifies some of the minor miracles that are occurring in scientific detection today and places them in an historical context. Drawn from many sources and the expert knowledge of numerous consultants, the book provides a wealth of information on subjects from Acid to Voiceprints. Brian Lane was an expert in the field of true crime. He came to writing via fine art, theater and experimental music and also spent a number of years with the United Nations in Geneva and Vienna. He founded The Murder Club in 1987 and compiled the formidable six-volume series of Murder Club Guides to Great Britain.

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