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The Essence of Buddhism - P. Lakshmi Narasu

The Essence of Buddhism - P. Lakshmi Narasu

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This volume is an assimilated form of a series of essays written by the author and contributed to various South Indian Magazines. The book is divided into 13 chapters that deal with separate aspects of Buddhism. The chapters are 1) The historic Buddha, 2) The Rationality of Buddhism, 3) The Morality of Buddhism, 4) Buddhism and Caste, 5) Woman and Buddhism, 6) The four great truths, 7) Buddhism and Asceticism, 8) Buddhism and Pessimism, 9) The noble eight fold path 10) The riddle of the world 11) Personality 12) Death and after, and 13) The Summum Bonum. This book is a reprint of the 1907 edition. With an introduction by Anagarika H. Dharmpala. 

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