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The Evil - Margaret Hobbs & Andrew Rule

The Evil - Margaret Hobbs & Andrew Rule

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'This book is about an encounter with evil., a journey undertaken with a dark and twisted soul, a master of deceit.' Margaret Hobbs How could Robert Lowe — husband, father, and church-goer — have fooled his community and family for so long?

THE EVIL takes us inside the mind of the man who abducted, defiled and murdered an innocent six-year-old girl, Sheree Beasley — a terrible crime which shocked the community and led police on an intense investigation. It draws on confidential records kept over years by Lowe's psychotherapist, Margaret Hobbs, who describes the killer's macabre mind games as he first conceals, then reveals, the awful truth of his crimes.

This is the inside story of a disturbing but fascinating investigation, told with the assistance of police, family and anpxtraordinary woman who wrestled with her own conscience to help convict a man she came to believe was the true face'of Modern evil.

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