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The Great Pyramid - Mans Monument to Man - Tom Valentine

The Great Pyramid - Mans Monument to Man - Tom Valentine

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The Great Pyramid: An indestructible time capsule of antiquity? A mysterious challenge to modern science? A prophetic warning of the future?

The Great Pyramid of Cheops is all this, and more. Historians who maintain that this huge Egyptian mausoleum is nothing more than a tomb for a legendary pharaoh are hereby debunked.

With the vigor, imagination, and scientific insight of such scholars of prehistory as Erich Von Daniken, Immanuel Velikovsky, and Robert Charroux, Tom Valentine sweeps away the sands of calcified ignorance and presents startling evidence for what may be an entirely new theory for the unlocking of the secrets of the Great Pyramid.

A lifetime of research through the dusty pages of history, archaeology, astronomy, geometry, religion, and the occult form the basis for Mr. Valentine's revealing thesis. Never before has one man probed so deeply into the myth and reality of the Great Pyramid.

Here is Man's Monument to Man, the gigantic wonder of the world, built by thousands of primitive workmen who hauled nearly 2.3 million blocks of stone to Giza, where archaic architects created a 40-story, 6.5 million-ton edifice that has lasted through the ravages of 5,000 years of time. . . and it tells a story that is more fascinating than ancient astronauts, Dead Sea scrolls, or unidentified flying objects!
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