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The Greening Of America - Charles A. Reich

The Greening Of America - Charles A. Reich

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"The Greening of America" is a book written by Charles A. Reich and published in 1970. The book became a bestseller and was influential in shaping the counterculture movement of the 1960s and early 1970s.

Charles A. Reich was a law professor at Yale University before becoming a legal adviser to the Kennedy administration. In "The Greening of America," Reich argues that American society was in the midst of a fundamental shift away from a culture of conformity and toward a new, more open and creative society. He believed that the counterculture movement, which was centered around youth, was a leading force in this shift and that it represented a new way of thinking about politics, economics, and social relations.

Reich's book helped to popularize the idea of a "New Left" in America and helped to galvanize the youth movement of the time. While some critics argued that the book was overly optimistic about the potential for social change, it remains an important work in the history of American counterculture and political thought.

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