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The Happy Reader - #7

The Happy Reader - #7

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The inexhaustable curator HANS ULRICH OBRIST is one of the most important figures in contemporary art. Over two in-depth conversations at the Serpentine Gallery in London, he explains how at a young age his imagination was fired up by a medieval library in Switzerland, and how today his work is still energised by the ideas, images and stories he finds in books.

Also in this issue, VIRGINIA WOOLF’s remarkable novel MRS DALLOWAY inspires contributions from a stellar cast of writers, photographers, artists and crossword setters. These include thoughts on Big Ben by Will Self, memories of teenage reading by Michael Cunningham, regrets about men not wedded by Jean Hannah Edelstein and, of course, much, much more.



Bodies of water, summer news fragments, and rituals of reading with HANS ULRICH OBRIST.

To water


The Interview: HANS ULRICH OBRIST by Emily King — An enlightening interview with art’s inspirational impresario

Hans’s summer reads



The Book of the Season is Virginia Woolf’s MRS DALLOWAY with massive bells, aerial words, parties that happened and weddings that didn’t.

Introduction: Diving beneath the day by Seb Emina

City: On Big Ben by Will Self — London worships a clock

Dating: Ten men I should have married by Jean Hannah Edelstein — They were all ‘the one’

My first great book by Michael Cunningham — Before I became a reader, I acted like one

Rose, sweet pea, hydrangea and carnation

Messaging: What the clouds say by Harriet Alida Lye — Whatever happened to skywriting?

Plummy parties

Mystery: Which Wednesday was it? by Anne Fernald — There were four potential Wednesdays

Dalloway puzzle by Henry Eliot —A street haunting crossword

Psychology: Time is weird by Douwe Draaisma — Our experience of time is subject to change


The book for autumn

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