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The Rivals Of Frankenstein - Michael Parry

The Rivals Of Frankenstein - Michael Parry

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"The Rivals of Frankenstein" is an anthology edited by Michael Parry, featuring a collection of short stories inspired by Mary Shelley's classic novel "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus." The book was published in 1976.

The anthology brings together works by various authors, each presenting their unique take on the Frankenstein mythos. The stories explore different aspects of the "Frankenstein" narrative, ranging from re-imaginings of the original tale to new and inventive variations on the theme of creating life from death.

As with any anthology, the writing styles and themes may vary among the different contributors, providing readers with a diverse and captivating reading experience. The stories may delve into horror, science fiction, or even explore the philosophical and ethical implications of Victor Frankenstein's actions.

"The Rivals of Frankenstein" offers a fresh perspective on one of literature's most enduring and iconic characters. Fans of Mary Shelley's novel will find new layers and interpretations that expand upon the themes and ideas presented in the original work.

Michael Parry's curation of this anthology showcases the enduring fascination with "Frankenstein" and its enduring influence on speculative fiction. The book remains a fascinating addition to the shelves of horror and science fiction enthusiasts, offering a collection of thought-provoking and imaginative tales that pay homage to the legacy of Mary Shelley's classic masterpiece.
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