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The Secret Keys Of Conjure - Chas Bogan

The Secret Keys Of Conjure - Chas Bogan

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Conjure is a unique current of North American folk magic, and its influence can be felt in many contemporary spiritual practices. The Secret Keys of Conjure is a guide to exploring this tradition's tricks and enchantments, written by a sought-after Conjure doctor. Study the unique creeds that govern the mysterious world of Conjure. Honor your ancestors by learning their traditions and celebrating their history.

Create traditional recipes for oils, baths, and mojo bags. Throughout this book, you will explore the keys to unlocking psychic awareness, blessings, healing, protection, sexual enticement, love, wealth, spirit conjuration, and more.

With more than thirty-five tricks and fifty recipes, The Secret Keys of Conjure will help you make profound connections to the spiritual domain while improving the conditions of your life and your community.

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