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The Unknown' Reality Volume One of a Seth Book - Jane Roberts

The Unknown' Reality Volume One of a Seth Book - Jane Roberts

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From the Bestselling Author of Seth Speaks...

In this mind-stretching journey into the very frontiers of consciousness, Seth reveals the multidimensional nature of the human soul. In Seth Speaks, Seth introduced the concept of “probable realities,” in which our idle daydreams and unfulfilled impulses do take place, in which all possible choices are fully experienced by other portions of the self. Now in this first volume of The “Unknown” Reality, Seth explains the dazzling labyrinths of unseen probabilities involved in any decision, and how our awareness of these can enrich the waking life we know. In a fascinating exploration of the cosmic web of our existence, Seth reveals:

• The purpose of dreams, and how they are often fulfilled unconsciously
• Misconceptions about death and the afterlife
• How different probable realities intersect and influence one another
• The relationship between physical health and inner reality
• A series of exercises to help you discover the unknown portions of your greater identity

The self is multidimensional when it is physically alive. It is a triumph of spiritual and psychological identity, ever choosing from a myriad of probable realities its own clear unassailable focus. When you don’t realize this, then you project upon life after death all of the old misconceptions. . . . The fact is that in life you poise delicately and yet perfectly between realities, and after death you do the same. — Jane Roberts, Speaking for Seth

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