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The Unknown' Reality Volume Two of a Seth Book - Jane Roberts

The Unknown' Reality Volume Two of a Seth Book - Jane Roberts

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From the Bestselling Author of Seth Speaks

In this second volume of The “Unknown” Reality, Seth radically expands our conceptions of “self,” by showing us that the human personality is literally infinite in its scope and potential. He discloses precisely how probable realities combine to create our waking lives, and how our “higher selves” make decisions regarding our everyday existence. In a far-reaching exploration of the dynamics of desire and free will, he asserts that each atom, molecule, and cell has its own consciousness and powers of choice. With humor and simple analogies, Seth leads us beyond our ordinary level of awareness into a spectacular discovery of the multidimensional nature of the self, including:

• “Consciousness units” as the basis of our universe
• The relevance of extrasensory perception in understanding our world
• The worlds we visit in dreams and out-of-body states
• Dreaming as a science to create present and future realities
• “Families of consciousness” we choose to belong to
• Practical methods for exploring your own “unknown reality”

There is an “unknown” reality. I am part of it, and so are you . . . Each individual is a part of the unknown reality . . . To explore the unknown reality you must venture within your own psyche, travel inward through invisible roads as you journey outward on physical ones . . . I hope that [in this book] the reader can see the greater dimensions that touch ordinary living, and sense the psyche’s greater magic. — Jane Roberts, Speaking for Seth

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