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The X-Files: Book Of The Unexplained - Jane Goodman

The X-Files: Book Of The Unexplained - Jane Goodman

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From Lands End to Los Angeles, The X-Files is indisputably the hottest show on television.

And while the show is a compelling fictional drama, it is enthralling to consider that the majority of episodes have been inspired by real-life phenomena, legends, conspiracies and urban-mythology.

Whether you're an open-minded Mulder-type or a pragmatic Scully, The X-Files: Book of the Unexplained, invites you to don your trench-coat and explore this extraordinary and thrilling world of ours, in search of the truth.

The X-Files: Book of the Unexplained is an in-depth guide to the mysteries of the paranormal and unexplained which are the basis of the fictional television episodes. It covers every aspect of the strange including UFO sightings, landings, alien encounters, government cover ups, psychic crime solving, faith healing, spontaneous combustion, feral humans, freaks of nature, ghosts and hauntings, reincarnation, a parade of thoroughly modern threats and much, much more.

Each chapter is sparked off by the phenomena contained in The X-Files and features stills from the show, interviews with The X-Files cast and creative team, and astonishing revelations from the world's leading investigators, scientists and officials. The X-Files Book: of the Unexplained, an X-Files guide to the unknown, is a book no X-Files fan or inquisitive reader can afford to miss.

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