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The Zone of Silence - Gerry Hunt

The Zone of Silence - Gerry Hunt

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Describes an unusual area between Brownsville, Texas and the Baja California peninsula, that blocks radio signals, causes compasses to spin, is bombarded by meteorites on a regular basis, and produces bizarre plant and animal life.

In a remote part of the Mexican desert, just south of
the United States border, top scientists have been
secretly studying reports of extraordinary occur-
rences that, for over two decades, have terrified the
natives and baffled the experts.

© Local cattle herders, who know nothing of
UFOs, speak in hushed tones of strange,
round flying machines that hover overhead,
and suddenly shoot straight for the heavens.

e Bizarre animals and foot-long insects roam
among wildly colored plant life.

e Unexplained earthen platforms stretch over
six miles across the arid desert floor.

e Pilots flying over the area report navigational

- equipment gone haywire.

e An Air Force rocket bound for New Mexico
with a radioactive payload suddenly veered
off course and headed straight for this

mysterious area. The investigation has been
kept TOP SECRET... until now.

Here, for the first time, are the astonishing reports
from a nightmare world of the unbelievable—a place



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