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These Things Happen - Greg Fleet

These Things Happen - Greg Fleet

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For 30 years Greg Fleet has been one of Australia's comedians. For the same period, he's had a Neroin drug habit that has delivered him comedy and tragedy in equal parts.

On the high road: a genius wit and prodigious work ethic take him from NIDA and Neighbours, to Shakespeare and award-winning theatre, and on to acclaim and adoration on stand-up stages all over the world.

On the low road: a yearning for true love mutates into a downward spiral of addiction - a maelstrom of faked and near deaths, shared houses and needles, twisted trysts with cocaine and ice on the road to rock bottom... and, just maybe, redemption.

From first gentle kiss to hate-fuelled wrecking ball, Greg Fleet has written the most mesmeric of memoirs - part guilty pleasure, part sweet poison.

These things happen ...
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