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Top Fellas: The Story of Melbourne's Sharpie Cult - Tadhg Taylor,

Top Fellas: The Story of Melbourne's Sharpie Cult - Tadhg Taylor,

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Gang Wars! Rock n' Roll! Fine Knits! Step into the world of the sharpies, Australia's answer to mods and skinheads. A world of custom-made clothing and blood n' guts street brawls.

Packed with first-hand accounts from sharpie veterans and rock n' rollers like Lobby Loyde and Angry Anderson, illustrated with over fifty photos of teenagers in cardigans, Top Fellas is smart as a pair of Acropolis shoes and lively as a Q-Club punch up. ..".a fast-paced, slang-laced, laddish style - plenty of first hand recollections... loaded with photos... highly enjoyable" Mike Stax, Ugly Things

"Top Fellas" by Tadgh Taylor is a book that takes readers into the fascinating world of the sharpies, a subculture that emerged in Australia as a response to mods and skinheads. Focusing on the 1960s and 1970s, the book delves into the sharpies' distinctive style, their love for rock 'n' roll, and their reputation for street brawls.

The book provides a firsthand look into the sharpie scene, featuring accounts from sharpie veterans and notable figures such as Lobby Loyde and Angry Anderson. These personal narratives offer insights into the customs, fashion, and street clashes that defined the sharpie culture.

Illustrated with over fifty photos capturing the essence of sharpie fashion and attitude, "Top Fellas" immerses readers in the world of these Australian subcultural youth. From the custom-made clothing to the vibrant music scene, the book vividly portrays the energy and distinctiveness of the sharpie subculture.

Tadgh Taylor's writing style is described as fast-paced and slang-laced, reflecting the laddish spirit of the sharpie culture. With a wealth of first-hand recollections and an abundance of photographs, "Top Fellas" offers an engaging and enjoyable exploration of this unique youth subculture.

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