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Trips - Cheryl Pellerin

Trips - Cheryl Pellerin

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Trips shows, using colour illustrations (Many by R.Crumb), the latest research, and bleeding-edge cultural analogies, how the still-mysterious hallucinogens may work in the still-mysterious brain. Written in language a general audience can understand, the book's tone is light and irreverent, yet at the same time deals with the drug culture in a serious way.

Trips offers readers a rare look at the social, cultural, historical, and scientific phenomenon of psychedelics-through the eyes of artists who've grown up with them, regulators who control them, federal scientists who approve and fund their research, and scientists who've spent careers studying them and in the process fills a growing need for truthful information about drugs.

For a generation, people have been worried about false horrors attributed to LSD-chromosome…

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