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True Crime Through History - Richard Glyn Jones

True Crime Through History - Richard Glyn Jones

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True Stories of the 100 Most Infamous Murderers of the Last Two Centuries.

In this book, Richard Glyn Jones has brought together 100 of the most notorious murder cases of the last two centuries, beginning with John Williams who "exterminated two entire households" between 1811 and 1812.

This collection features some of the most deranged and dangerous people in history, from the "Bodysnatchers" of the Regency period to that terrifying spectre of the modern age, the serial killer.

Entries include:
- William Corder and the terrible Red Barn Murder
- JG Haigh, the acid-bath killer
- HH Holmes, the Torture Doctor
- Earle Nelson, the Gorilla Murderer
- Peter Kurten, the Sadist
- Albert Fish, the Cannibal Killer
- Reg Christie, the Monster of Rillington Place
- Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper
- Dennis Nilsen, who killed for company
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