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Truman Capote - My Side Of The Matter

Truman Capote - My Side Of The Matter

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"My Side of the Matter" is a novella written by Truman Capote. It was published in 1961 as a part of the "Penguin Modern Classics" series. The novella is a satirical and darkly humorous work that explores themes of rural life, family, and human folly.

The story is narrated by a character named Appleseed, who returns to his hometown in the rural South after a long absence. Appleseed becomes embroiled in a family feud between his Uncle Rondo and Cousin Collin. The feud centers around the disputed ownership of a valuable piece of land, and it escalates into a series of absurd and comical conflicts.

Truman Capote's "My Side of the Matter" is known for its sharp wit and biting social commentary. It satirizes the eccentricities and absurdities of small-town life, as well as the often irrational nature of human disputes and grudges. The novella's dark humor and memorable characters make it a distinctive work in Capote's literary canon.

While "My Side of the Matter" may not be as well-known as some of Capote's more famous works, it reflects his talent for blending humor and social critique in a compact and entertaining narrative. It's a work that showcases Capote's versatility as a writer and his ability to create memorable and eccentric characters.

64 pages.

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