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Undercover Agent Narcotics - Derek Agnew

Undercover Agent Narcotics - Derek Agnew

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The dramatic story of the world's secret war against drug racketeers. This book has significant signs of ageing, see pics. 

No criminal activity has been more carefully organised since the end of the war than the traffic in narcotics. International syndicates with agents spread across the globe have come into being to threaten the very existence of society itself by their wholesale distribution of heroin and other habit-forming poisons. Many of the biggest names in crime in both Europe and America have dropped their other activities to concentrate on a trade that brings such fabulous returns.

Against international gangs the police of any one nation are all but powerless. But working together, through the United Nations and the International Criminal Police Organisation, they are able to launch a non-stop attack across oceans and frontiers against this common enemy. “ Undercover Agent-Narcotics” tells the true story of their work and recounts in detail some of their outstanding successes. The cases themselves are so dramatic that they read like powerful fiction—yet not only did they actually happen, but others like them are continuing at this very moment.

From the files of Interpol, the United Nations, and from police records in many countries, author Derek Agnew has pieced together a remarkable history. He identifies the traces the course of their pipelines from the Middle and Far East to the lush markets of Western Europe and the United States. Much of his book describes the incredible adventures of the undercover agents who descend into the underworld, risking their lives in the cause not of one country, but of humanity.

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