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Undercover Work - Burt Rapp

Undercover Work - Burt Rapp

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Professional methods and techniques for information and intelligence gathering... now revealed for you to use. Now you can find out anything you want to know about anyone you want to know about! Satisfy your need to know with these revealing professional manuals on investigation, crime and police sciences.

Undercover operations have acquired a mystique and image of glamour that overshadows how truly grimy they usually are. This book gives the real inside story on how undercover operations are conducted. Contents include: Getting Started; Training Agents; Establishing Cover; Infiltration; Gaining Confidence; Using Informers; Blackmail; Entrapment; Industrial Espionage; Planting Evidence; Getting Paid; And Much More.

Book has significant highlighting and a few notes in the margins. 

Please note that this product is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as a matter of utmost seriousness. It serves as an engaging guide for individuals with an interest in unconventional lifestyle that lies beyond the boundaries of societal norms. It is important to clarify that Rumor Books neither endorses nor supports the violation of any legal statutes, and we strongly discourage individuals from engaging in any unlawful activities. We absolve ourselves of any responsibility for the consequences arising from the actions or decisions made by individuals based on the information provided within this product.

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