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V17.1 Heavy Metal - March 1993

V17.1 Heavy Metal - March 1993

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This issue contains the start of the Melting Pot story, which was later reprinted in full as a remade and expanded version in the Fall 2007 issue.

Cover - "Under The Blues" - Luis Royo
p.04-07 - "Gallery: Barron Storey: The Marat / Sade Journals"
p.10-18 - "Melting Pot: In The Beginning" - Kevin Eastman, Eric Talbot, and Simon Bisley
p.20-31 - "Hombre: A Useless Old Man" - Antonio Segura and José Ortiz
p.33-48, 85-114 - "Ramparts Of Spray" - Turf and Joël Mouclier
p.52-56 - "Pachyderm" - François Boucq
p.57-59 - "A Cloudy Day" - Harry North
p.63 - "StripTease: Modern Age" - Peter Kuper
p.63 - "StripTease: The Adventures Of Wormboy!" - Peter Kuper
p.64 - "StripTease: Alien Metaphor" - Scott Cunningham
p.65 - "StripTease: The Secret Files Of Inspector #23: I Cover The Galaxy" - Rick Geary
p.66 - "StripTease: Randy The Skeleton: Will Be Continued Next Week" - Ian Carney and Aidan Potts
p.67 - "StripTease: Lives Of The Artists: Leonardo Da Vinci: Inventor Of Inventions" - Michael "P. Revess" Kupperman
p.67 - "StripTease: The Incredible Dr. Seurat: The Mystical Raccoon" - Michael "P. Revess" Kupperman
p.68 - "StripTease: Mr. Pumpie's World" - Mark Martin
p.69 - "StripTease: The End" - Kazimieras "Kaz" Prapuolenis
p.70 - "StripTease: The Fall" - Eric Drooker
p.72-82 - "... The Next Best Thing!.." - Michael Kaluta and Elaine Lee

Heavy Metal Magazine, also known simply as Heavy Metal, is an adult-oriented science fiction and fantasy magazine that originated in France and later gained international popularity. First published in 1977, it quickly became renowned for its edgy content, featuring mature themes, explicit artwork, and provocative storytelling.

The magazine's name, "Heavy Metal," is derived from the French publication "Métal Hurlant," which translates to "Howling Metal." It was created as an English-language version of the French magazine, and its content embodies a fusion of various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and erotica.

Heavy Metal Magazine stands out for its distinctive visual style and graphic artwork. It showcases the works of renowned illustrators and artists, often incorporating intricate and detailed artwork that pushes the boundaries of conventional comic book aesthetics. The magazine has been a platform for both established and emerging artists to showcase their unique visions, resulting in a visually stunning and diverse collection of stories and illustrations.

One of the defining features of Heavy Metal Magazine is its eclectic mix of stories. It features serialized graphic novels, short stories, and standalone comic strips, all exploring themes of futuristic dystopias, space exploration, otherworldly beings, and fantastical realms. The narratives often delve into existential questions, social commentary, and the exploration of human nature, all presented in a visually striking and often provocative manner.

Throughout its history, Heavy Metal Magazine has attracted a dedicated fanbase that appreciates its mature and boundary-pushing content. It has inspired and influenced numerous artists, writers, and filmmakers in the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and animation. The magazine has also served as a platform for adaptation, with some of its stories being adapted into animated films, such as the 1981 cult classic "Heavy Metal."

With its unique blend of adult-oriented storytelling, stunning artwork, and its willingness to explore the boundaries of imagination, Heavy Metal Magazine has solidified its place in the realm of adult science fiction and fantasy comics. It continues to be a vibrant and influential publication that celebrates the fusion of art, literature, and the fantastic.

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