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V21.6 Heavy Metal - Jan 1998

V21.6 Heavy Metal - Jan 1998

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Cover - "Torpedoes On Planet Pink" - Julie Bell
p.03 - "Heavy Metal" - Kevin Eastman
p.03 - "Dialogue: Letters To The Editor"
p.05-08 - "Gallery: Stacy E. Walker" - Barry Morgenstein, Boris Vallejo, and Julie Bell
p.10-11 - "Dossier: Jeffrey Goldsmith Interviews Bettie Page"
p.14-23 - "Meli-Melo" - Olivier "O'Groj" Grojnowski
p.25-49, 99-119 - "Juan Buscamares: The Water" - Félix Vega
p.51-58 - "The Land Of Azor" - Enzo Troiano
p.60-62 - "Ffuck Kompany" - Željko Pahek
p.64-71 - "Wind" - Philippe "Caza" Cazamayou, Philippe Kilian, and Scarlett Smulkowski
p.75-82 - "The Inheritance" - Alfonso Azpiri
p.86-95 - "Mamba: Have You Ever Been Seduced?" - Ignacio Molina and José González
p.96-97 - "New York, 2000 AD." - Enki Bilal

Heavy Metal Magazine, also known simply as Heavy Metal, is an adult-oriented science fiction and fantasy magazine that originated in France and later gained international popularity. First published in 1977, it quickly became renowned for its edgy content, featuring mature themes, explicit artwork, and provocative storytelling.

The magazine's name, "Heavy Metal," is derived from the French publication "Métal Hurlant," which translates to "Howling Metal." It was created as an English-language version of the French magazine, and its content embodies a fusion of various genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and erotica

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