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V6.8 Heavy Metal - Nov 1982

V6.8 Heavy Metal - Nov 1982

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Cover - Alan Ayers
p.02-03 - "Illustration" - Marc Hempel
p.04 - "Above Average American" - John Workman
p.05 - "Dossier: Nu Vinyl: Thoughts While Dancing..." - Lou Stathis
p.06 - "Dossier: Heart Of Galas: Diamanda Galas" - Merle Ginsberg
p.06 - "Dossier: The Hot And The Harried" - Daphne Davis
p.07 - "Dossier: Puss In Books: Alexander Theroux" - Timothy R. Lucas
p.07 - "Dossier: Bosch Bash: Hieronymous Bosch" - Robert Morales
p.08-09 - "Dossier: Moorcock, Less Bull" - Richard A. Lupoff and Michael Moorcock
p.08-09 - "Dossier: Sects 'N' Books 'N' Rock 'N' Roll" - Mary Wilshire
p.10 - "Dossier: Gog Rule" - Alan Hecht and Paul Kinder
p.10 - "Dossier: Dig Dug" - John Holmstrom
p.11 - "Chain Mail"
p.11 - "Chain Mail: Illustration" - Bernard Jr.
p.12-13 - "Starstruck" - Elaine Lee, Michael William Kaluta, William Strunk Jr., and Elwyn Brooks White
p.14-19 - "Starstruck: They Lie Dormant In Some People" - Elaine Lee, Michael William Kaluta, Shel Silverstein, and William Shakespeare
p.20-24 - "Den II" - Richard Corben
p.26 - "I'm Age" - Jeff Jones
p.27-31 - "Yragaël" - Philippe Druillet
p.33-40 - "The Ape" - Silverio Pisu and Maurilio "Milo" Manara
p.41-44 - "Gallery: The Secret"
p.45-52 - "A Peek At National Lampoon's Class Reunion" - Berni Wrightson and Michele Wrightson
p.53 - "June, 2050" - Jack C. Harris and Gray Morrow
p.54 - "A Lot Of Nothing" - Kent Williams and Michael O'Leary
p.55-64 - "Tex Arcana: Part Nine" - John Findley
p.65-73 - "The Voyage Of Those Forgotten" - Pierre Christin and Enki Bilal
p.75-79 - "Zora" - Fernando Fernandez
p.81-89 - "Freak Show" - Bruce Jones and Berni Wrightson
p.92-95- - "Rock Opera: The Love Craft" - Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
p.96 - "The Bus" - Paul Kirchner
p.96 - "Coming"
Back Cover - "She Comes In Colors" - Clyde Caldwell

Heavy Metal is an American science fiction and fantasy comics magazine, published beginning in 1977. The magazine is known primarily for its blend of dark fantasy/science fiction, erotica and steampunk comics. Unlike the traditional American comic books of that time bound by the restrictive Comics Code Authority, Heavy Metal featured explicit content.

The magazine started out primarily as a licensed translation of the French science-fantasy magazine Métal hurlant, including work by Enki Bilal, Philippe Caza, Guido Crepax, Philippe Druillet, Jean-Claude Forest, Jean Giraud (a.k.a. Moebius), Chantal Montellier, and Milo Manara. As cartoonist/publisher Kevin Eastman saw it, Heavy Metal published European art which had not been previously seen in the United States, as well as demonstrating an underground comix sensibility that nonetheless "wasn't as harsh or extreme as some of the underground comix – but . . . definitely intended for an older readership".

Heavy Metal's high-quality artwork is notable. Work by international fine artists such as H. R. Giger, Frank Frazetta, and Esteban Maroto have been featured on the covers of various issues. Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore's RanXerox series debuted in the States. Terrance Lindall's illustrated version of Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost appeared in the magazine in 1980. Many stories were presented as long-running serials, such as those by Richard Corben, Pepe Moreno and Matt Howarth.

Illustrators like Luis Royo and Alex Ebel contributed artwork over the course of their careers. An adaptation of the film Alien named Alien: The Illustrated Story, written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Walter Simonson, was published in the magazine in 1979.

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