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V7.5 Heavy Metal - Aug 1983

V7.5 Heavy Metal - Aug 1983

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The cover of this copy has split and separated from the rest of the book. See pics.

Cover - "Winged Messenger" - Greg Hildebrandt
p.02 - "Illustration" - Lyman Dally
p.04-05 - "Dossier: Nuvinyl: Blackluster" - Lou Stathis and Al Beaulieu
p.05 - "Dossier: Gaye Liberation" - Jon Tiven
p.05 - "Dossier: Extra-Terra-Rap" - Stuart Cohn and Laura Levine
p.05-06 - "Dossier: Stylishly Wild" - David Keeps
p.06-08 - "Dossier: American Graffiti" - Amy Lipton, Keith Haring, and Robert Erdmann
p.08 - "Dossier: The Blues And The News" - Merle Ginsberg
p.09-10 - "Dossier: Nahallywood" - Ed Naha
p.10 - "Dossier: Xevious" - John Holmstrom
p.11 - "Dossier: Cryptica" - Melik Kaylan and Bruce Carleton
p.12-20 - "Alef-Thau: The Small Earthworm" - Alejandro Jodorowsky and Arnaud "Arno" Dombre
p.21-28 - "El Borbah: Dead Meat" - Charles Burns
p.30-37 - "The City That Didn't Exist" - Pierre Christin and Enki Bilal
p.38 - "I'm Age" - Jeff Jones
p.39-46 - "A Matter Of Time" - Juan Giménez (reprinted in 15 Years Of 1992)
p.47 - "HM's Star Dissections: All This And Frank Sinatra, Jr., Too" - Drew Friedman
p.48-51 - "An Old Fart At Play: Conversations With Captain Beefheart" - Lou Stathis, Don Van Vliet, Brian McCall, and Anton Corbijn
p.53 - "The Illustrated Clan" - Nicola Cuti
p.54-61 - "Ranxerox: Coliseum Hotel" - Stefano Tamburini and Gaetano "Tanino" Liberatore
p.62 - "Chain Mail"
p.63-67 - "Is There No Justice In The Universe?" - Brian McCall
p.68 - "June 2050" - Peter Kuper
p.69-76 - "The Odyssey" - Francisco Navarro and José Martin Sauri
p.77-80 - "Marlowskitz" - Riccardo Buroni and Ugo Bertotti
p.82-89 - "Zora" - Fernando Fernandez
p.92-95 - "Rock Opera" - Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
p.96 - "The Bus" - Paul Kirchner
p.96 - "Next Issue..."
Back Cover - Jon Jay Muth

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