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Voodoo Fury - Greg Loomis

Voodoo Fury - Greg Loomis

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"Voodoo Fury" is a thrilling and suspenseful novel written by Greg Loomis. The book was first published in 1994.

The story centers around the protagonist, Jonathan Kinkaid, an ex-Marine and former CIA agent. After witnessing the brutal murder of his wife and daughter, Kinkaid embarks on a relentless quest for vengeance. His investigation leads him to the mysterious and dangerous world of voodoo and black magic.

As Kinkaid delves deeper into the dark and occult underbelly of New Orleans, he uncovers a sinister plot involving a powerful and malevolent voodoo practitioner seeking ultimate power through dark rituals and sacrifices.

The novel expertly weaves elements of action, mystery, and supernatural horror, creating a gripping and atmospheric narrative. The vivid descriptions of the New Orleans setting, the rich history of voodoo, and the intense action sequences immerse readers in a world of danger and suspense.

Loomis's writing style is fast-paced and captivating, keeping readers engaged from start to finish. The character of Jonathan Kinkaid is well-developed, and his journey from grief-stricken widower to determined avenger adds emotional depth to the story.

"Voodoo Fury" combines classic thriller elements with the mystique and allure of voodoo practices, resulting in a unique and compelling read. The novel's blend of crime thriller and supernatural horror offers a fresh and memorable experience for fans of both genres.

Overall, "Voodoo Fury" is a thrilling and action-packed novel that explores the darker aspects of human nature and the allure of the supernatural. It remains a noteworthy addition to the realm of suspenseful fiction and solidifies Greg Loomis's reputation as a talented storyteller in the thriller genre.
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