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Who Were You? - Roger Elliot

Who Were You? - Roger Elliot

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Who were you in your past lives?

You might have been ...

Julius Caesar, or Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt A monk in the Dark Ages.. •

A poet, or a peasant, in ancient China ..

A chimney-sweep in William Blake's day .

A lowly galley-slave of ancient Rome.

Or the Greek poetess, Sappho ..

Have you ever had intimations of some former existence in another country, another age, another sex? In the course of many millennia you will have been reborn as saint and sinner, both rich and poor, male and female.

In Who Were You? leading astrologer Roger Elliot, whose column in the TV Times is read by millions, uses the medium of Astrology to chart the course of your past lives through the centuries.

It is a fascinating journey of discovery for all of us.

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