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Why I Quit Syndicated Crime: The Wiretapper's Own Story - Jim Vaus

Why I Quit Syndicated Crime: The Wiretapper's Own Story - Jim Vaus

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"Why I Quit Syndicated Crime" is an autobiographical by Jim Vaus, a former criminal who became a born-again Christian and later devoted his life to evangelism.

Vaus was born into a family with a history of criminal activity, and he quickly became involved in various illegal schemes. He worked as a bookie, a bootlegger, and a con artist, among other things. Vaus was highly successful in his criminal endeavours, amassing significant wealth and power.

However, Vaus's life changed dramatically when he attended a religious revival meeting and experienced a profound spiritual awakening. He turned his back on his life of crime and dedicated himself to spreading the message of the Christian faith.

In "Why I Quit Syndicated Crime," Vaus recounts his life story in vivid detail, describing the various criminal activities he engaged in and the individuals he worked with. He also offers insights into the mindset and motivations of a criminal, as well as the challenges of breaking free from a life of crime.

The book provides a unique perspective on the criminal underworld, as well as the transformative power of faith and the redemptive potential of the human spirit. It is a gripping and inspiring read that offers hope to those struggling with addiction or trapped in a life of crime.

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