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Witchcraft and Sorcery - Max Marwick

Witchcraft and Sorcery - Max Marwick

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Dr. Marwick's collection of readings paints a fascinating picture of the current worldwide status of witchcraft.

Part One looks at the different approaches to the topic, and includes an extract from Evans-Pritchard's classic study of the Azande. Part Two samples the rich ethnography of witchcraft, and contains papers on the European and Salem witch-hunts. Part Three looks at theories of witchcraft and particularly at how witchcraft and cultist movements are often indicators of social strain. Part Four looks at the urbanization of modern witchcraft and Part Five at the way in which witch-beliefs throw light on other problems.

This distinguished collection helps us to understand a serious phenomenon too often dismissed lightly.

Cover has a burn mark on it, previous owner casting a spell perhaps? See pics. 

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