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Woman's Mysteries Ancient & Modern - M. Esther Harding

Woman's Mysteries Ancient & Modern - M. Esther Harding

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"Here is a classic study of the feminine principle in myths, dreams, and religious symbolism. In presenting the archetypal foundations of feminine psychology, the author shows how the ancient religious initiations of the moon goddess symbolized the development of the emotions. Understanding the psychological meaning of these initiations, she believes, can help to heal the troubled relations between men and women today."

M. Esther Harding was a student of Carl Jung's. This book is her treatise on the expression of the feminine principle as it was ritualized in the worship of the Moon Goddess (represented as Ishtar, Isis, Mary, etc.), and as it reveals itself in our unconscious. She explains the rich legacy of ancient symbols and practices and correlates their importance with the modern journey toward the evolution of individual spirituality for both men and women.

For such a large and complex subject, Harding does a wonderful job of opening the flower of the feminine one petal at a time with her poetic phrasing and deep understanding of the mysteries of the process of spiritual awakening. Highly recommended.

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