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Your Logo Here - Deanna Templeton

Your Logo Here - Deanna Templeton

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Photographs From Southern California, 2004-2006

"Photographer Deanna Templeton began documenting a trend that’s been happening at more or less any event held in Southern California revolving around surfing or skateboarding. Young men and women are getting “branded” (in both the marketing and the bovine senses) with a company logo that’s either spray-painted or written directly on their skin.

It’s understandable that companies would want to attach their logo to the belly of a bikinied beach babe, but what Deanna doesn’t understand is the willingness of the person who is being made into a billboard. “There is a lot of touching involved.” Deanna says, “I think maybe it’s a way of flirting and of being seen."

P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) is a fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey, and based in Melbourne, Australia. P.A.M produces two men’s and women’s collections annually, and has released collaborations with brands such as Nike, Camper and Undercover. Hollenbach and Toohey also publish art, design, and photography books under the name PAMBOOK. 

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