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Zombie Mystery Paintings Paperback - Robert Williams

Zombie Mystery Paintings Paperback - Robert Williams

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Zombie Mystery Paintings: 40 Masterpieces are Morally Insolvent & Grossly Artistic by Robt. Williams with introduction by R. Crumb. Paperback Art Book printed by Last Gap of San Francisco. Robert L. Williams, often styled Robt.

Williams (born March 2, 1943), is an American painter, cartoonist, and founder of Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine. Williams was one of the group of artists who produced Zap Comix, along with other underground cartoonists, such as Robert Crumb, S. Clay Wilson, and Gilbert Shelton.

His mix of California car culture, cinematic apocalypticism, and film noir helped to create a new genre of psychedelic imagery. Recommended for 18+ readers as the imagery is adult in nature.

There is some light fading to the spine and front cover, see photos.

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