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2600 V25-2

2600 V25-2

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  • The Best of Times
  • Don't "Locate Me"
  • Exploring Road Runner's Internal Network
  • Hacking Wireless Networks with Windows
  • The HughesNet FAP
  • Hacking Society
  • Thirteen Years of Starting a Hacker Scene
  • HPing (The Part I Forgot)
  • Meditation for Hackers: All-Point Techniques
  • Fun with Network Friends
  • Hacking: A Graffiti Writer's Perspective
  • A Portable Encrypted Linux System for Windows
  • Mac Address Changer
  • Capturing Botnet Malware Using a Honeypot
  • Cracking with the Webtionary
  • JavaScript Password DOMination
  • Spirits 2000 Insecurity
  • The Geek Squad
  • Bank of America Website Flaw
  • Why is This Computer Connected to the Internet?
  • Story: Message of the Day


2600: The Hacker Quarterly is a magazine that focuses on the topics of computer hacking, technology, and cybersecurity. Founded in 1984, it has established itself as a prominent publication in the hacker community.

The magazine's name, "2600," refers to the frequency of 2600 hertz, which was a signaling tone used in early telecommunications systems. The magazine covers a wide range of subjects related to hacking, including computer security, privacy, network exploration, phone phreaking, and the exploration of new technologies.

2600 magazine is known for its independent and grassroots approach to reporting and sharing information. It features articles, tutorials, and firsthand accounts from hackers, security researchers, and technology enthusiasts from around the world. The content covers both technical aspects of hacking, such as coding and network protocols, as well as discussions of ethical and legal issues surrounding hacking and cybersecurity.

One of the magazine's highlights is the publication of vulnerabilities and exploits, which raises awareness of potential weaknesses in computer systems and encourages security improvements. 2600 also serves as a platform for hackers and enthusiasts to share their experiences, tips, and tricks, fostering a sense of community and knowledge exchange.

In addition to its print publication, 2600 magazine maintains an active online presence, with a website and forums that provide an ongoing platform for discussions and the exchange of information.

It's worth noting that while hacking has both positive and negative connotations, 2600 magazine has generally focused on the ethical aspects of hacking and the importance of digital privacy and security. The magazine has played a role in shaping the hacker community, providing a space for education, dialogue, and the promotion of responsible hacking practices.

Overall, 2600 magazine is a significant publication in the realm of hacking and cybersecurity, serving as a valuable resource for hackers, security professionals, and technology enthusiasts interested in exploring the technical, social, and ethical aspects of hacking and digital security.
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