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4SURE2PLEAZ - Thomas Stavnes

4SURE2PLEAZ - Thomas Stavnes

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From the book. Thomas Stavnes, son of a fisherman and a runway model, spends his days stalking the streets of whatever city he's in that day, decked out in corpse paint and skin tight red velvet. With "Sexual Chocolate" blasting from his walkman's head phones, he leaves various messages in the environment for other street dwellers to discover.

Don't let the high heels fool you, he can run like the wind at the drop of a hat. Constantly sober and with a zest for adventure, vz is looking forward to seeing how far his jigdancing c,ar, et him in this crazy world. If you encounter him in
the wide open spaces, give him a high five and an apple core, stand back, and watch the magic happen. - Mkae, aka Mathew James, aka Golden Lightfoot III, 2008

The Serps (also known as The Serpents) was forged during the summer of 2005 by now sober friends, Tristan Ceddia and Brendan Huntley. The original agenda was simple - to establish a platform through which friends could connect and work across creative projects. Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Serps now have around 30 members within their ranks. Recruiting from coast to coast in Australia, membership stretches as far as San Francisco, Tokyo and New Zealand. The crew includes people from all walks, including photographers, literary masters, musicians, athletes, fine artists, tattooists, graphic designers, career criminals, graffiti writers, kitchen hands, a-grade students, high school teachers, BBQ specialists, bus drivers, home owners, and competitive cyclists.

A5 - Some small creases

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