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Decade the 1960's - Brian W. Aldiss & Harry Harrison

Decade the 1960's - Brian W. Aldiss & Harry Harrison

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The Sixties was a period of tremendous popular intellectual ferment, when everything was called into question . . . Disenchantment or curiosity made many SF writers look away from space and the future to the world about them.

There was plenty to explore, from computers to over-population, from injustice to the Pill, from heart-transplants to emergent nations. The Sixties was the decade in which SF discovered the Present.

It is no coincidence that it was also the decade in which the general reading public discovered SF . . Brian W. Aldiss `18 stories from the period in which social, political and life sciences became central to SF . . . the third anthology in the series and by far the most variegated' Oxford Mail `Recommended unreservedly . . . the names read like a veritable SF Roll of Honour: Ballard, Vonnegut, Disch, Aldiss, Zoline, Zelazny, Amis, Moorcock, Silverberg' 

The Decade anthologies present the eighty-year history of science fiction in the most relevant way - by collecting the stories which have gone to make it up. Each volume, complete in itself, takes from a single decade the tales which are best, not only as history, but as entertainment.

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