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Held Against You - Season Vinning

Held Against You - Season Vinning

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Kat Percel is on the run. Faced with an impossible choice - go to jail for a crime she didn't commit or leave everything behind and start over - she becomes a fugitive, flitting from town to town with nothing but the clothes on her back. Until she meets a man who literally stops her in her tracks.

That man's a movie-star handsome bounty hunter, but behind his chiseled jaw and cool demeanor, he has his own secrets... and no matter how pretty and vulnerable his prey seems, he couldn't care less whether Kat is actually guilty or innocent.

When she's taken into custody by her hunky captor, she's forced to travel back home to Texas with him. But Kat is not the cold, hardened fugitive he expected, and as they drive across the country together, neither of them can deny the spark between them. Kat is more than just a job, but what future can a bounty hunter have with a girl who's running from the law?
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