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Issue 53 - Boyhood

Issue 53 - Boyhood

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In this issue:

Colossal Youth: LWLies travels across the pond to Austin, Texas, to meet filmmaker Richard Linklater in his own backyard.

In Bloom: A graphic novel adventure into the land of Linklater. Featuring Dilraj Mann, Kyle Platts, Charlotte Mei and Grace Helmer.

High Society: LWLies traverses the secret world of film societies and meets a founding member of Linklater’s cherished Austin Film Society.

The Men With The Movie Cameras: Director Gabe Klinger tells LWLies why he opted to make a cinephile hang-out movie about Richard Linklater and the experimental pioneer James Benning.

City Limits: An in-depth exploration into the two contrasting worlds of Richard Linklater; inside and beyond his hometown, Austin.

Alternative Realities: LWLies traces an apocryphal career path for Richard Linklater via the movies he almost made, but didn’t.

Hayao Miyazaki whispers The Wind Rises; Jia Zhangke administers A Touch of Sin; John Turturro solicits Fading Gigolo; Gruff Rhys explores American Interior; The National’s Matt Berninger and his brother Tom are Mistaken For Strangers; Mike Brett and Steve Jamison chant Next Goal Wins; Oscar Isaac finds The Two Faces of January; Kathleen Hanna is The Punk Singer; Kit Harington scales Pompeii; Domhnall Gleeson talks to Frank; Lindsay Lohan descends The Canyons; Jeremy Saulnier plots Blue Ruin; and Michael B Jordan pulls into Fruitvale Station.

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