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Issue 70 - Dunkirk

Issue 70 - Dunkirk

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In this issue…

Field Marshal Nolan
An in-depth conversation with one of the world’s most exciting and successful film directors: Christopher Nolan.

Dispatch from Dunkirk
A report from the front line of Christopher Nolan’s wartime epic.

Practical Magic – A Manifesto
The Badlands Collective offer up six simple ways to fight for the future of film.

Father Dearest
Ex-Rent Hell takes a deep dive into that most elusive and of cinematic sub-genres: the “Dad Movie”.

Threads #2
A new fashion column looking at movies through the prism of clothing. This issue’s focus: the B3 Aviator Jacket.

We Were Soldiers
Previously unpublished photography from the set of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket.

We like the fact that issue 70 of Little White Lies magazine is dedicated to a film that was shot on 70mm film. The director Christopher Nolan is a stickler for practical, tangible filmmaking, and his latest, Dunkirk, advances that bold personal vision.

It’s the story of the 1940 Dunkirk evacuations, where 400,000 Allied trapped soldiers had to yomp to safety in order to avoid the aggressive advance of Nazi occupiers. Nolan has said that this is not a war movie, but more of a suspense thriller set in the midst of conflict. Once more, the tick of the clock acts as his north star as chaos slowly but surely is turned into order.

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